Matt Davies Harmony Communities Shares the Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in California


California is one of the few dog-friendly states in the United States. The state is an ideal pup utopia, with its warm temperature, broad areas, and inviting communities, and the 840 miles of Pacific coastline is one of its main draws. Several California beaches, spanning San Diego to the North Coast, are available to dogs eager to fly across the cavort and dunes in the surf. Continue reading as Matt Davies Harmony Communities will give you the best dog-friendly beaches in California.

Dog-Friendly Beaches in California

  1. Dog Beach, San Diego – This Oceanside institution has welcomed dogs and their owners for over 40 years and is the epitome of a dog-friendly coastal. Nowadays, the huge strip of sand in which the San Diego River meets the Pacific is constantly clogged with dogs running across the shallows and sunbathing. Create a day of it by arriving early to get parking.
  2. Dog Beach, Del Mar – Del Mar’s North Beach offers everything a puppy needs: plenty of shorelines, small sandbars, and great real estate shielded from large waves and strong winds. The calm waters function as a splash zone for dogs and children, who are welcome all year but should be kept on a leash from June 16 to Labor Day.
  3. Dog Beach, Huntington Beach – The majority of Huntington Beach’s gorgeous SoCal shoreline does not allow dogs. However, this 1.5-mile strip along Seapoint streets and Goldenwest is accessible. Puppies may explore and interact as often or as little as they like on a broad stretch of sand with lots of space to spread around.
  4. Rosie’s Dog Beach, Long Beach – Rosie’s, L.A. County’s genuine dog beach, is a four-acre frolic wherein puppies may run along the surf and relax on the sand without being tethered. This Long Beach hotspot is very well known among children because of its calm seas and convenient location, and it gets filled on warm weekends when parking might be scarce.
  5. Surfers’ Point at Seaside Park, Ventura – This beach north of the Ventura Pier is a popular destination for on-leash dog walkers who sail down the boardwalk while admiring the entertainment off-shore. Sit down on the covered terrace, which welcomes dogs, and experience a sample flight or beer shake with hearty plates of pub fare.
  6. Arroyo Burro Beach, Santa Barbara – This piece of silica 10 minutes west of central Santa Barbara is popularly referred to as Hendry’s Beach, and it offers more than just surf, sun, and sand. The bluff-backed Arroyo Burro has off and on-leash spaces for timid and outgoing dogs, rocky tidal pools to explore, and a self-service dog wash, so you do not have to get a dirty pup back in your vehicle.
  7. Carmel Beach, Carmel-By-The Sea – Carmel-by-the-Sea, where dogs may gallop and swim along Carmel Beach on order. Pups and their owners enjoy the blue seas with sunset lovers, swimmers, and surfers, who flock to the beaches at twilight with bottles of champagne and picnic bags to wish the day farewell. If you are not swimming in the Pacific, take a stroll on the cliffs on the Scenic Path or visit the town, where dogs walk the charming roads and welcome visitors at several hotels, restaurants, and stores.

Dog at the Beach


You and your dog will enjoy visiting several dog-friendly coastlines in California. Listed above are the great alternatives for you to explore, from sun-drenched expanses of coastline to tiny community jewels. When you wish to unwind with your dog, we believe this helpful information guide from Matt Davies Harmony Communitiescan assist.