Common Diseases That Can Affect Your Dog

Dogs are adorable. It is a fact that remains undisputable anywhere in the world. Many people pick out their pet dogs from a very young age and form life-long relationships with their canine friends. This relationship can be close, sometimes closer than human to human relationships. It is because dogs are real friends they remain loyal to their owner and are ready to lay down their lives to protect their owner.

pick out their pet dogs

It is essential to reflect this same love, care, and trust in your dog as it has done to you. It implies that as a dog parent, you should recognize your dog signs and signals of communication. These signs reveal the dog’s state of mind or body, that is, whether it is happy, sad, or in discomfort. When your dog is sick, you should be able to tell, so you can seek veterinary help for it as soon as you can. Make sure to vet the vet that will handle your pet correctly by reading their reviews. All reliable veterinary organizations, like Canada Vet Express, tend to make sure that you can see and find, quickly, their thoughts. Check Canada Vet Express reviews here.

Your pet dog is no superhuman, and is also prone, like other animals, to have diseases. When they do, you do not need to panic, take them to the nearest vet doctor for treatment. However, you must be familiar with some of the diseases and infections that your pet dog may incur. Check out some of them;

· Cancer

Yes, a dog can have cancer. If your dog gets cancer, you should make sure to get various opinions from different vets on how to treat the disease and go for the best possible one.

· Diabetes

For dogs, diabetes is caused by either a lack of insulin or inadequate insulin response. When a dog cannot produce insulin or utilize it in the way it should, its blood sugar rises, which leads to hyperglycemia and other health problems for the dog.

· Heartworm

It is a parasitic worm that lives in the heart and pulmonary arteries of the infected animal. They travel through the bloodstreams of the animal while damaging the arteries and vital organs as they move. Several worms can live in a dog for about seven years, so your dog must get a regular checkup.

· Kennel cough

It describes the respiratory infections—both viral and bacterial—that causes a dog’s voice box and windpipe to be inflamed. You may see it as a form of a chest cold that affects humans.

· Parvovirus

It is a contagious viral disease that can produce life-threatening illness for your dog.

· Rabies

It is also a viral disease that can affect the brain and spinal cord of all mammals, that includes humans too. It is fatal and deadly. It is essential to have your dog vaccinated regularly.

· Ringworm

It is caused by a fungus that poisons the skin, hair, and nails of the dog. It is highly contagious, and lead to patchy areas of hair loss on the dog. It can also affect humans as well as other animals.

Below are signs to look out for when your dog is in pain and discomfort.

  • Withdrawal
  • Unwillingness to eat or drink
  • Discharges from the eyes, ears, or nose
  • Drooling too much
  • Shows an extreme amount of aggression or fear when approached.
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • They develop skin sores
  • Coughing
  • Limping and swelling

These are some signs that you should look out for in your pet dog. When you do see these symptoms, it is best to engage the services of a veterinarian as soon as possible. Check out CollectedReviews for reviews on the benefits of many veterinary doctors and hospitals.